NEW Impossible Dust Brush Vacuum Head

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Ever been in the middle of spring cleaning and noticed all the build-up of dust in those impossibly hard to reach places? Only to realize that your vacuum head is too bulky to get in there to do the job?!?


That's now a thing of the past with the new Universal fit Impossible Dust Brush Vacuum Head.

Simply attach the head to your vacuum and enjoy the convenience of getting into those impossibly hard to reach spots with dozens of tiny little suction tubes flexible to fit in even the tightest of spots.

Perfect for keyboards, air vents, jewelry drawers, tool drawers, tight spots in the pantry, cutlery name it! If it's a tight hard to get to spot, it's now a piece of cake.

  • Picks up dust, not your things
  • Flexible tubes dust around objects
  • Works with any vacuum

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