"Lenny The Lovable Lamp" Adjustable Wooden Desk Lamp

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Meet Lenny :) 

Lenny is a Lovable Lamp. All he wants to do in life is to light up your world!

Lenny just loves good company. He loves relaxing with a cup of coffee and even enjoys a good book from time to time. But sometimes he gets a little lonely, poor old Lenny. 

When you're gone, Lenny just sits around and contemplates life in general. Asking himself such important life questions such as "What wood happen if you never came back?" and "Woodn't it be amazing if you were here right now?"

Lenny is a people person...even though he knows he's a lamp ;)

Lenny is hand-crafted with love and care from the finest selections of wood, so he can keep you company for a lifetime.

Best friends forever? Woodn't that be wonderful! :) 

  • The perfect evening companion to light up your world
  • Fully adjustable
  • Instantly best friends forever!

ps...Lenny comes with a US plug, but a simple adapter will work just fine.

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