DIY Fat Free Potato Chip Maker

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Love potato chips but hate the guilt factor? 

Now you can enjoy 100% fat free guilt free potato chips that you can make in a few minutes at home using only your microwave.

No oils! No fats! Just the cleanest healthiest chips you will EVER have!

Imagine a cheat meal...but without it actually being a cheat meal!


Simply slice up a potato into chip shape portions, place them in the chip maker tray and microwave for between 5 and 6 minutes and PRESTO, you now have guilt free chips. (some like to immerse the sliced potato in water prior to nuking in the microwave)

Perfect for white potatoes, sweet potatoes, apple and even pumpkin!

  • 100% Healthy, guilt free & fat free 
  • The healthiest chips you'll ever have
  • Perfect for movie night and when friends come over

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