Deluxe Digital Bluetooth Bathroom Scales Andoid/iOS

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Meet the last set of scales you'll ever need!

If you're wanting to track your body weight knowing all the ins and outs of your body's composition then these are the scales for you.

With it's in detail analysis of 14 different physical data elements you are now ahead of the game with reaching your physical goals much faster.

Know your body's numbers including your overall body weight, body fat %, BMI, visceral fat %, muscle mass, bone mass, fat-free body weight, water %, base metabolic rate, subcutaneous fat, skeletal muscle and more.

Perfect for having multiple people in the house that want to enjoy the benefits of the scales with unlimited users that stores all the stats for each individual user.

Live a busy life? Simply download the Free FeelFit app on Android and iOS and enjoy stress-free syncing of all your data and weight loss progress. It couldn't be simpler!

Simply turn on Bluetooth after installing the app then stand barefoot on the scales and pairing happens instantly! It's super easy and quick.

You can even set up to 3 alarms a day to remind to weigh yourself to keep ultra-precise progress of your weight journey.

So if you're looking to tone up and even gain some lean muscle and you really want to pinpoint your progress and know exactly what's going on inside your physique then these are for you.

The scales themselves are made from tempered glass and can accommodate up to 180kg, making them a trendy yet extremely durable addition for every bathroom.

  • 14 Unique Physical Analysis Statistics
  • Track your weight goals with precision
  • Share your incredible results with friends on social media

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