Chef Series Zirconian Ceramic Deluxe Kitchen Knife Set

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"The heart of every home is the kitchen, and the heart of the kitchen is the kitchen knife."

The one thing that we tend to use the most in the kitchen over any other appliance or gadget is the trusty kitchen knife.

A quality set of kitchen knives if well looked after, will last a lifetime.

Made from the highest quality Zirconia Powder, sourced from the finest mines of Western Australia. The finish of the blade actually feels like metal. However, due to the manufacturing process of such high-quality Zirconia powder, the blade itself is much lighter than traditional stainless steel.

Beware of inferior imitations with white blades as these are a step below black blades. Black blades have an additional manufacturing process which is carbonization under much higher temperatures, resulting in a higher quality blade that stays sharper and lasts much longer.

This Deluxe set includes a 3, 4, 5 and 6-inch knife all stored in a convenient housing unit that also comes with a handy peeler.

  • Made from the Highest Quality Australian Zirconian Powder
  • Stays razor sharp for years with zero effort
  • Available in numerous colours to suit your kitchen

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