Turbo Dicer 60 Seconds Salad Bowl Cutter

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Gone are the days where you used to chop your vegetable for your salads the hard way, slowly chopping them one by one on the old' chopping board. Now you can save yourself a tonne of valuable time and actually have more fun making your favorite salads!

Simply put your desired veggies in the bowl. Let's throw in some lettuce, cucumber, red onions, a few chilies for an extra kick, and some cherry tomatoes. Give it a quick rinse under the tap, drain out the excess water. Flip the bowl upside down and using your all time fav go-to knife, slice through the salad slots giving the bowl a few rotations to evenly chop things up...and PRESTO...your salad is now all sliced n diced ready to serve. It couldn't be easier!

  • Makes your favorite salad in under HALF the time
  • Salad prep is now fun again :)
  • Super easy and quick to clean

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