April 15, 2018

Some may call us crazy, some may say we've gone nuts!

But have we?!? Well...maybe just a little bit haha. 

We can understand why anyone would think this or that it's another one of those "online scams" that's doing the rounds. We can assure you our future friends that this is not a scam in any way shape or form. We're prepared to put our money where our mouth is and bank our entire name and reputation on the line.

You see instead of paying for more traditional methods of advertising to generate sales, we are using the funds we would use for that to cover the costs of the hottest trending household items on the internet and offer them to you for free (for a select period of time only as our stock is limited).

So you're probably thinking to yourself right about now, "Okay, so what's the catch?"

We're so confident that you will simply love whatever you choose to purchase from us so much that all we simply ask is that you tell your friends that you got it from Sasha Valentino...That's it...that's the only real catch...if you can call it one.

If these products weren't simply amazing and awesome to use you definitely wouldn't use them or recommend them to your friends. This would result in an epic waste of money for us as we would not have achieved our goal in helping others have fun enjoying using these products.

We're all about helping you make your house more of a home by incorporating a mixture of simplistic art and technology for every experience you have at home. We want to help you "pimp" out your home so to speak...in a classy, funky fresh kinda way.

You should feel something unique whenever you enter every single room of your home. From the kitchen to the bedroom (hey...we know what you thought just then haha) our mission is to enhance your every experience simply by making it more fun and enjoyable.

What you're seeing being offered in this promotion are the top trending and most referred products of 2018. These are the products that have had the best reviews from across the globe, and they're all being offered to you for FREE.

But what about payments you say? Are there any hidden fees or charges?

There's 100% nothing to hide, simply what you see is what you pay for, nothing extra. In fact we don't even process your payment. This is all done by a secure third party payment processor. They use the latest in online encryption protocols and safety measures to keep your information in safe hands.

We believe that honesty is always the best policy and we're always 100% upfront and transparent with all costs. We simply cover the item cost and you simply cover the shipping fee, which depending on where you are in the world, is usually around $9.90.

To find out exactly what your shipping cost is simply add one of the "Just Pay Shipping'" items to your cart. Simply fill in your address and our system will calculate the exact fee to get it safely to your doorstep.

However since the stock for this promotion is in limited supply, once these sale items run out we will have to return them to their recommended sale price once back in stock (otherwise our boss will kill us).

So feel free to grab yourself a hot bargain or 2 during this limited time and we very much look forward to being of service again to you in the very near future.

Much Love & Respect.

Live Life.

The Sasha Valentino Fam :)

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