June 03, 2018

Grab a quick cuppa joe or a glass of vino as this is a quick little turbo read for y'all.

There's one thing that instantly catches our attention as soon as we enter a room. 

We've all seen it before. Sometimes we've been at a friend's house and we'll walk into a room and BOOM it gets our eye and stands out straight away.

That one thing that adds a sense of style and uniqueness, an instant centerpiece of any room. That one thing, is a painting.

Let's think about it for a moment, we've all had at least one time where we've been at someones house for the first time and we have walked in to a room and have been greeted with an amazing piece of wall art that instantly grabs our attention.

You enter the room and BOOM...you notice it straight away!

There is something about a painting that adds instant sophistication to any room. They instantly capture your attention and your imagination. They have this hidden ability that gets your brain ticking, you start thinking about that image in the painting. For example it may be an image of a beach at sunset, where your mind instantly takes you back to a special memory of something very similar.

This is the awesome thing about art as it has this ability that activates your mind and can either take you back to a certain memory, or, enables your mind create your own story on what you're looking at.

They instantly grab your attention every single time without fail and truly are perfect for any room in your home.

They also show that you have this slightly classy arty side to you, which is kinda cool.

Check out our newly released range of deluxe wall art here and bring out the classiness in you.

The SV Fam.


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